We supply complete and reliable security solutions

With many years experience in the security industry, Comwatch Security Systems are specialists in understanding the individual needs of your home or business.

Home Security

Alarm systems, CCTV and 24-hour montioring, for your safety and peace of mind.

Commercial Services

Protect your business assets with robust internal and external security.

Mobile Applications

Monitor your home or business even when you are away.

Security Solutions

We supply and install both wired & wireless alarm systems to both the commercial and domestic market. Including (HKC / Aritec / Astec) All to the latest European standards.

We also provide a BATTERY REPLACEMENT service and Smart Phone Apps for Burglar Alarm Systems.

Fire Alarm Systems provide an early warning in the event of a fire, giving you the opportunity to safely evacuate your premises.

Access control is an important security measure for many types of business, It allows authorised personnel in and out of various areas of your business while keeping other employees out.

An intercom system for home or office security begins with the front door. Knowing who is ringing the doorbell before you answer it is extremely valuable.

We provide a range of CCTV systems (including IP Cameras / HD Cameras) to cater for individual company requirements & home owners. We also provide Smart Phone Apps for CCTV, which means remote viewing is possible on your Smart Phone or Tablet.

We offer you a professional 24 hr a day, 365 days a year service in Alarm Monitoring. Your alarm is monitored from our central station.